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Our Ministries at Redemeer Lutheran Church

Cross on top of Redeemer Lutheran Church
Cross on top of Redemeer Lutheran

God’s purpose for Redeemer Lutheran Church is to: Pray, Listen, Trust, while Uniting us to serve all generously with love.

We do this through ministries we’ve started and ministries with which we’ve partnered. We are truly blessed with caring people who love people and have the gifts to make an impact on this world.

Redeemer’s Principles for Ministry are:

Artist pic by Jack Monteith (1924 - 2016)
Artist sketch by Jack Monteith (1924 - 2016)

To learn more about our ministries, contact the church office at 941-792-5990 or click on the ministry of interest below.

Altar Guild

Every month two of our sacristans lovingly prepare the altar for communion, making sure that the altar linens are clean and the sacrament vessels are in proper order. We also prepare the altar for communion weekly and for special services as requested by the Pastor.

According to the church calendar, altar paraments are cleaned and pressed and placed in the chancel. These paraments are organized according to the designated liturgical color.

We are in need of additional volunteers, please contact me if you are able to commit to a few weeks or even a month to the altar guild. Ruth Baumgratz 941-794-0995

Christian Education

Statue of Martin Luther
Statue of Martin Luther

Pastor Geoff's Bible Study meets each Tuesday at 11 a.m. in-person and on Facebook Live. Please feel free to contact the church office, 941-792-5990 or, if you would like the handouts for the weekly lessons emailed to you.

Christian Services

Lutheran World Relief
Lutheran World Relief Logo

Christian Services participates in various community charities and has several services for our own members. Such as:

Cottage Groups

The Cottage Groups work like a well-oiled machine. As some of our members are unable to provide we have merged and have 7 Cottage Groups. This means once every 7 weeks a group is asked to serve. During the winter months we have plenty of providers for our Sunday fellowship hour. When summer comes there are times when others have to pitch in and help groups that have fewer providers. With this said it all works out and there is always plenty.

On an average, even during our summer months we have 45 members and guests that come and enjoy fellowship after the 10:30 service. Of course during our winter months we have many more. I hope the groups can tell the pleasure everyone has eating and visiting and enjoying each other during this time of fellowship. Fellowship in our church is so important and the Cottage Groups do their part to keep fellowship hour thriving.

The chair ladies for each group get on the phone, contact their members to remind them that it is their turn to serve, then they are often the ones who come in and set up on Sunday mornings. Their dedication, hard work and loyalty to Redeemer is appreciated by all of those who partake in the fellowship hour. Contact Susie Kruse, our Cottage Group Coordinator, with your questions at 941-792-7216.

Decorating Committee

The Decorating Committee is very informal… we gather as needed mainly to beautify the church on special Seasons of the Church Year. Are we essential? Perhaps not, but the beauty brings a warmth to our services and a lift to our hearts. We do not meet in the usual way of most standing committees. We ask for volunteers to help as needed and there you are ready to give a helping hand. Advent, Christmas, and Easter involve the most decorating, but we observe all the seasons of the church Reformation, Pentecost etc. On all occasions you will see us at work even luncheons, dinners and special events as needed. If you would like to help you can contact me at any time. If you would like to help the decorating committee, please contact the church office at 941-792-5990.

Game Day

Mexican Train Game
Mexican Train sketch by Jack Monteith

With the intent of increasing fellowship among the members of the congregation, "Game Day" was started in the fall of 2010. It is held during the afternoon to address night time driving concerns. Refreshments and cleanup is shared among all the participants. We meet on Tuesdays from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. Mainly we play Mexican train dominoes.

We encourage church members to bring friends, neighbors and visiting relatives and have between 12 and 24 players. Please check the dates we meet in our Weekly Reporter inserted in the Bulletin every Sunday.

Memorial Garden

Memorial Garden
Memorial Garden

In the times of departing to be with our Lord our Christian community at Redeemer Lutheran Church is here to be of service to those that grieve. We hold fast to the promise of eternal life in the arms of a loving God. Our Christian faith proclaims this promise in scripture, worship and fellowship. We believe in eternal life through our Savior, Jesus Christ. Our worship service reflects this with hymns, Bible readings, words of comfort and Holy Communion.

We have a Memorial Garden where ashes may be scattered. We provide this resting place for members, their families and loved ones, and others with the consent of the Pastor. We provide a plaque and care of the garden.

Prayer Chain

The Prayer Chain is an important part of the ministry of Redeemer Lutheran Church. At the present time, we have three prayer chains with a total of 23 women participating in this vital ministry. The prayer chain operates in this manner: A prayer concern is communicated to Sandra Agee, the chairperson of the Prayer Chain, via telephone. (It is important that anyone placed on the Prayer Chain is cognizant of being placed on the Prayer Chain and desires to be placed on it.) Sandy then calls the first person on each of the Prayer Chains. That person calls the next, and that person the next, and so on until the last person on the chain has been called. The last person then calls Sandy to indicate the Prayer Chain has been completed.

Many of the women on the Prayer Chain have been on Redeemer’s Prayer Chain for many years and we thank them for their faithfulness. Anyone who wishes to become a part of this ministry, please contact the church office at 941-792-5990 and leave a detailed message of your prayer chain request that will be forwarded to Pastor Geoff in the church office. We welcome newcomers to the Prayer Chain; there are never too many prayers being lifted up!

Prayer Shawl Ministry & More Ministry

Redeemer members are helping give a hug and a prayer when they give one of our handmade shawls to someone at a stressful time in their lives.

Your offerings help to buy yarn and a small number of ladies knit/crochet these shawls with love and prayers for the person to whom it will be gifted.

Come join the Prayer Shawls & More Ministry team and help spread the love of God by making a shawl, knitted knockers or infant caps. The ladies meet the first Tuesday of the month (September to April) in the fellowship hall from 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. Questions, please contact the church office.


The Quilters continue to make their quilts to send to Lutheran World Relief. Our ladies work each Thursday during October through May. We do not have a quota, but we usually make 250 quilts a season. We are an out mission for the Florida Bahama Synod. Some of our quilts are kept here in Manatee County to give to the homeless, Meals on Wheels or as needed. We depend on volunteers to give us sheets or fabric. The sheets need not be new, but in good condition. The fabric are cut into 10 ½” or 20 ½” squares to make a quilt top.

There are many steps to make a quilt—make a top and a bottom, tie and tack them together, fold all four sides to make the edge and then it is sewn twice around the edge to make it strong. We then pack the quilt for shipping. We can always use new people to sew the tops together at church or at home, & some to cut squares, work on tie-tacking and folding the edges. We meet on every Thursday from 9:00am-12 p.m. (September to May taking June, July and August off). In late January before they are shipped we have “Blanket Sunday” so the congregation can see some of our blankets.

So come and join us, we would welcome you. If you can’t come you can help us by giving us sheets or fabric or donate money towards the shipping. You can come by any Thursday and watch us in action. -- Elsie Nolan and the “Happy Quilters.”

Youth and Family

Nursery Mural
Nursery Mural sketch by Jack Monteith

Please contact the church office with questions and event ideas at 941-792-5990,