Redeemer Lutheran Church

6311 Third Ave W
Bradenton, FL 34209
All are Welcome in this place!
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How Do I Give?

On Sundays at Redeemer Lutheran Church

You may place a check or cash in the offering plate when it is passed in the pews during worship services. You can use the envelopes found in the pew pockets, or request your own personalized giving envelopes from our bookkeeper, JoAnne Kelderman.

Mail or drop off your check to the church office

Redeemer Lutheran Church, 6311 3rd Ave. W., Bradenton, FL 34209. Some members find it most convenient to write a monthly check to the church as they write checks for other monthly bills and household expenses. Payments using an online bill paying service should also be sent to church office. Please indicate your envelope number.

Non-Cash Contributions

When making a charitable gift contribution, you may want to consider other assets as well as cash. Some assets are used for gifts because of their associated tax benefit. Notable examples are assets of long-term appreciated holdings such as Publicly Traded Securities, Closely-Held Stock, Personal Property, Charitable Lead Trusts, Appreciated Real Estate, Gifts-in-Kind, and Deferred Gifts. Please review these opportunities for gift giving to Redeemer Lutheran Church with your tax advisor.

Front View of Redeemer Lutheran Church, Bradenton
Front of Redeemer Lutheran Church, West Bradenton